Every interaction can be incredible.




Every connection   can change your life.

Connection, At Your Fingertips.


One of our greatest human desires is to be heard, seen, and understood.

Authentic World is an online community for those who feel a longing for deeper connection.


Live, interactive video events are held on a daily basis, so members can participate in circling and authentic relating games. Trained facilitators use unique social technologies to tap into and increase your personal awareness and emotional intelligence, creating profound growth in every area of your life.


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“I experience our community like a human particle accelerator.

We come into this track, speed up our paths and collisions, bumping into each other, spalling off pieces of our egos, junk we’ve been carrying in form of false beliefs, ways we limit ourselves….

What I’m trying to say is, thank you. I feel accelerated, and I’m grateful.


Here’s to continued thriving and experimenting, empathic scientists working together on innovative ways to unlock the beauty hidden within each heart.”

– Jesse French, Austin

For 20 years now, Authentic Relating practices have created a reality of relationship as transformation.

Now, we’re putting that community of practice online.

Build Your Tribe

Conscious connection is now available – in your pocket.

In Authentic World, we find that by investing in each other and sharing deep, honest connection, we often create epic relationships like never before.

We crave to know and be known. Join us to infuse your life with deep intimacy, everyday wonder, and connection as a spiritual practice.

Hone Your Skills

Mastery takes practice. For the first time, you can join a community of others in regular practice, 365 days of the year.

Our collective helps us stretch our skills, whether the intent is to work with groups or to improve our own relationships. Authentic World hosts a great resource library including real-world practices, event flows, videos, and tips. We hold weekly calls for facilitation practice and personal attention.

It’s easy to get better together.

Share the Connection

We created this platform because there are tens of Authentic communities in the world today, and many parts of society hungry for better relationship. With all that potential, our communities have never had one place to connect.

Inside Authentic World, you can find groups when you travel using our Members’ Map; submit resources of your own for our Library; participate in Community Mastermind calls; and engage with the monthly Challenges to bring more integrity and connection into your daily life.

Learn from Masters

We’ve gathered together some of the top teachers in relational practice to participate in this platform. Every other month, Decker Cunov, co-creator of Authentic Relating and Circling, hosts a live call. You get never-before-released recordings by leaders in the field; special guests teachers on meditation, negotiation, Integral theory, and more; and practice labs with teachers who have devoted their life to understanding the human soul.


Get ready to level up.

What's On the Platform?

AR gave me a connection to what drives me from inside, a vocabulary to talk about it, and the courage to actually do it.

I got to know myself better in 2 months than I had in 35 years.


Weekly Calls

  • Authentic Relating Games
  • Circling
  • Practice labs
  • Mastermind calls
  • Guest Q&A
  • ….and more!

Level Up

Track your progress through the study of Authentic Relating and Circling with achievement badges, practice calls, and community support


Resource Library

  • Video, audio, and articles on tens of topics
  • Hundreds of online and sortable games, sentence stems, and full games night plans

Community Directory

Find home when you travel using our map of groups worldwide, or add yourself to a members’ map to find people near you!

Private Facebook Group

Engage with community members worldwide using our members-only Facebook group, to co-discover best practices and find new friends

Connection Buddies

Bring authentic relating into your daily life with curated one-on-one connections to other platform members, including ways to deepen the conversations!

What Our Community Is Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let the people do the talking!

The last year hasn’t been without its hardships and fears, but with this community and this practice I have been able to weather it. I have found people to whom i can tell what’s truly present for me and have them accept and love me. The connections I have made are deep and meaningful and I’ve been able to build relationships in such a unique and genuine way.

V.C., Austin

Been here a week, as a very different human being than when I was last in NYC. But now, with those same NY colleagues and friends I had before, I have been playing games…

Opera managers, venue owners, professionals, friends and colleagues who have never been exposed to Authentic Relating found themselves playing “Noticing” and “Curiosity” with me in Italian restaurants, Irish pubs, studio homes on the Upper west side, and wherever we found ourselves.

Longer story a little shorter- I am feeling freakin’ grateful.

For tools I have to communicate my truth- Not having to please everyone.

For having access to getting someone else’s world- leaving someone feeling gotten and deeply emotional from the mere experience of having their words be “recalled”, with nothing added or taken away.

A.G., New York

I have meditated, done countless drugs, read every thought system known to man, been places both mental and physical that few others have ever heard about, and yet the honest reflection of sharing in the present moment that takes place in AR penetrates my being with rays of light that I cannot express with words…Regardless of the “how” it is the “what” that takes place. The what of being right here, right now in the present moment and fully alive with people that are almost complete strangers; completely open to uncertainty.

C.G., Hawaii

I credit this community with helping me connect my heart and my mind, and it’s also directly or indirectly responsible for a large portion of my social life, as I met some of my best friends through it…the movement is gaining momentum and beginning to seep into schools, workplaces, social services, activism, and wherever facilitators see the need (and the need is everywhere).

J.A., Austin

To truly understand another human being, to empathise with them and get into their consciousness, even if just for a moment, is an infinitely powerful thing…While it can often take years and decades of shared experiences to achieve this state, Sara and her team have developed some magical methods to accelerate the cultivation of this true superpower. And I saw that the potential of these techniques for our modern society, where deep and authentic connection is often lacking, is truly awesome.

S.S., San Francisco

There is a magic to being seen and known just as we are.

It’s what many of us look for in relationships, from family, and from ourselves, and so often we feel that we fall just short of that mark. We rush, get caught up, hide ourselves for fear of recognition and subsequent rejection. Through circling I have experienced some of the deepest senses of being seen that I have known. I have opened to the possibility that there is a deeper, wiser, more wondrous me that exist that I can’t even fully see or appreciate yet. 

P.W.B., Boston

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