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The Basics

Core Practice: Circling

Core Practice: AR Games


The “Home” page is your starting base. It has suggestions for how to engage, a feed of the most recent posts in the forum, and our most recent news and recordings. The Home page also has a form for any feedback or suggestions you want to give us to improve the site.

Calls are the live interaction feature of the Global Membership. You get exclusive access to weekly Circles and Games Nights, monthly Mastermind calls, Circling Labs, and special events from our 30+ trained facilitators. Give us your input in the Forum or Facebook Group on how you’d like to engage, and who/what you’d like to see!  If you want to host a call or online event yourself to deeper explore a topic related to the platform, you’re welcome to contact us at

The Community Directory has 3 sections:


  • Maps: The “Community Map” lists all active Authentic Relating and Circling communities worldwide. Click on a pin on the map, and you’ll see a short description of the group. Click “More” and it will take you to their website. If you’re traveling somewhere, be sure to look up local community! If we’re missing your group, you can let us know on the page’s contact form and we’ll add you in. The “Members Map” is for us all to find each other and see who’s here. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to add yourself onto the map, either as a community member, community organizer, or community seeker.
  • Members: This page lists all members currently on the Authentic World site.

The Resource Library has 3 parts:


  • Library: Videos, articles, links, and manuals to deepen your Authentic practice. Start with the features at the top of the page, and then follow your interests, or submit a resource of your own in the form at the bottom of the page.
  • Games: A full compendium of Authentic Relating Games, sortable by name, theme, time to play, and number of people involved. You can upvote your favorite games, and leave a comment, story, or proposed variation in the comments on any page.
  • Sentence Stems: Conversation prompts to use during events or in any conversation.
  • Recordings: Videos of all our major past calls, sortable by theme.

The Engagement section has 3 parts:


  • Forum: This is your home for questions, discussions, and peer learning. Feel free to start topics you’re curious about, or respond to ones that interest you. The more you engage with others, the more they’re likely to engage with you, so jump into a discussion and get real.
  • Facebook: What membership site would be complete without social media? If you want to engage with other members on a more informal basis, post your success or trouble with the weekly challenges, share insights about community leadership, or ask a one-time question, this group is the place to go. Better yet, your membership on the Authentic World Facebook group will last indefinitely, even if you leave the platform. 
  • Connection Buddies: Sign up here to be matched with other site members and receive weekly prompts to connect and play!

On the Platform HQ, you can find this walkthrough, an introduction to Authentic Relating and Circling practices, a sitemap, feedback form, and an FAQ with common questions. If you need anything else, fill out the feedback form and let us know!

Your personal page. Here you can:


  • Update your location
  • Add a photo
  • Let others know a bit about you
  • Relate your history with Authentic Relating
  • Create or join a group for your community
  • See friends and messages
  • View your history on the site
  • Earn badges and achievements for your work in community, learning, or on the site.


How can I help?

On this site, there will be things we forget to say. There will be sections that feel incomplete, that seem confusing, that could be prettier, that are great but you have ideas for making them better. This platform languished for years as a good idea, and then we built it in one month. There’s a more to do. We need your help to launch this dream of having an online home for Authentic Relating.


To start with, here are 3 actions you can take:

Go through the site and leave us suggestions for what could be improved.

    • Check the forum first to see if there’s already an open thread on the thing you’re noticing. If so, comment there; if not, start a new thread.
    • If you want more privacy, leave a comment on the feedback form at the bottom of each page. Please include suggestion(s) for how you think the issue could be addressed.

Engage with the site

    • Upvote your favorite Games, resources, or sentence stems. Comment on a Game with your favorite story of play. Start a discussion on the forum about an AR or circling topic that interests you. Join a community call. Submit a game, resource, or stem. Try out one of the main page challenges and post on the Facebook group about how it goes! Help us understand which areas of the site draw you most, and start making a thriving community home for others to join.

Let us know what features you want down the road

    • Go to the “Future Features” page under “Discussions”. Comment with what you’d like to see, or upvote others’ suggestions. You’ll become part of forming this platform’s history. If we add a feature you suggested or helped to build, we’ll put your name on the front page!
What if I need to cancel?

if you need to cancel or change your membership, message us here

If you do cancel, please take a few minutes to give us feedback on the site, so that we can improve!

Who are you, and why did you build this thing?

The global membership is a collaboration between Sara Ness of Authentic Revolution (site design/project manager) and Robert MacNaughton of the Integral Center (project director), with tech built by Jason Lange (wizard). It was created for the Integral Center as a way to unify the global Authentic Relating and Circling communities.

We wanted a common forum of interaction to solve common problems, introduce AR to new people in areas that might not yet have Games or Circling, and uplevel our own skills. Robert had the project on his backburner for years. Sara already had many of the pieces built, such as a community map and games manual. Jason is a wizard of WordPress. The rest is current history.

Since its launch at the end of September 2016, we’ve added a great team of co-conspirators (Dan Cugliari as sitemaster, Antje Schaefer as social media expert, Amy Broughton as marketing director, and Shay Pausa as consultant and facilitator-handler), and had almost 30 facilitators join in leadership on the site. Authentic World is becoming the platform we dreamed of creating, and you are the people we dreamed of having onboard!

Feedback Form


  • If you're willing to help, please let us know how to contact you!

That’s all, folks. Go inside…and play!